There seem to be something very spooky about what trees may know, and I mean this in all seriousness. If you have the opportunity to visit historic Bartram’s Garden in the near future, you can test this experiment for yourself and you’ll likely be as stunned as I was.

First, historic Bartram’s Garden is where James Madison brought several naysayers from the Continental Congress during the summer of 1787. Amongst this stubborn handful, were several representative from Massachusettes and North Carolina, two of the big states that were adamantly opposed to little state Connecticut’s compromise plan, that Madison hoped would pass and enable the US Constitution to be ratified, so that we could become the United States of America.

The naysayers were dead set against the Connecticut plan, as opposed as we see the divide in today’s politics, when they arrived at Bartram’s Garden, but by the time they left, something changed their minds, and they voted for the Connecticut plan. The Constitution was passed and the United States of America became a nation.

With this in mind, I was excited to finally have the chance to walk the grounds of the famous 45 acre botanical garden for the first time on Sunday June 7, 2020, in the middle of the the global covid pandemic. I have a lot on my mind during this devastating crisis. I entered the garden with a long list of mental questions about what clever ways a media company can adapt, improvise and overcome covid. Four hours later, after photographing the vast array of the most diverse collection of botanical species in North America, mostly trees, I left with all the answers. LOL.

I was spooked. This is exactly how I feel after a ghost experience. I hope others will visit the garden and see if you have the same outcome. Arrive with tough questions, and see if you find all the answers.

It sure seems like trees know a lot and possess many answers. I wonder if trees pick the brains of all who wander under their billowing limbs. Maybe the fact that they do is where the phrase “the tree of knowledge” comes from. Just sayin’…🌳

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