What are the modern day spooky stories of Sleepy Hollow and its sister village Tarrytown, NY? There must be some. Or is the average resident and visitor just too preoccupied to be observant enough to pick up on spooky spirits?

Across the past four centuries, there have certainly been enough haunted moments in Sleepy Hollow to prove that something mystical pulses from this stretch of land between the Pocantico River and the Hudson. My personal assessment is that there’s a supernatural force that pulls people to it, rather than a collection of creepy random coincidences that just happened to all occur at the same place.


Maybe I state that based on my own personal experience of the way I was drawn to the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow. It was a matter of an idea popping into my mind while I was out running on a trail in Virginia Wednesday evening December 11, 2019. The next morning, I woke up, tried to reserve a room in midtown, but every single one was either fully booked or priced in the stratosphere. What was I to do? A lightbulb went off… try Tarrytown. I Google searched and found a fantastic hotel, yes they had last minute availability despite the holiday season. And voila, the next day, there I was.


The Historical Society, Inc. of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow tries to keep track of the local spooky tales since so many tourists drop by for a ghostly visit. The Old Dutch Church was a must! I couldn’t wait to find out if the magic was real. It was Friday the 13th December 2019. The timing was bewitching. I did my best at casting an unofficial spell. How could I not? Again, it was Friday the 13th, December 2019, the day the Impeachment Articles were passed in the House. I was shocked that Sleepy Hollow Burial Ground wasn’t mobbed with more Americans trying to do the same.

Since the Constitution hadn’t worked, nor the Rule of Law, or even the Mueller Report, then I was willing to nudge any possible supernatural force that might be available at the witching hour of 12 noon on Friday the 13th, when the full moon slipped into alignment with the spirit world. Would this make a difference after all else had failed? Standing at the front door of the church, reminded me of one of those experiences where you grab the lock, line up all the numbers, hear a click, and the bar springs open.


I guess I expected an instant news flash. Breaking news, our president has just resigned. Seriously, something shocking that we could all celebrate.

But nothing happened…

I returned a month later on my father’s birthday, Friday January 24, 2020 and this time cast an official spell. I made it a rap spell cast from the nearby Headless Horseman bridge. I’d be going to Hamilton the next evening so rap was the way I wanted this spell to go down.

Now I wonder, if casting spells on hollowed grounds (that date back to the 1600’s during the Black Plague), on Friday the 13th at 12 noon, under a full moon, is something I should try and forget, and never own up to. The only reason why I mention it now, now that we’re all on home quarantine, becoming  experts at social distancing, with so much recent news about the Black Plague and other pandemics, is to point out how powerful this mysterious land of Sleepy Hollow and the Old Dutch Church actually is. Especially when Major Andre’s capture is factored in.

The coronavirus is alarming, and I’ve been praying ’round the clock that as many lives can be saved as possible. In the years to come there will be many books written and movies produced about this horrifying pandemic. But only one version of events will be linked to the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow and Friday, December 13, 2019. ~

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