The hexagon is the most powerful shape in nature, depicted in beehive cells, turtle spots, and dragonfly eyes, to name but a few of the zillions of examples. In fact, the hexagon’s omnipresence in the natural world underscores its mystery and significance and serves as a doorway through which we can enter the secret world of the cosmos.

It’s been determined that the hexagon symbolizes balance and harmony between opposing forces. It’s the shape created when two perfect triangles are placed in opposite directions and interlocked. This can be seen when drawing straight lines connecting each point of the Star of David.

The hexagon is of particular importance to secret societies dating all the way back to the very first secret society founded by Pythagoras, the Father of Math and Music, who revered the hexagon. The number 6 is another way to reference this cosmic geometric shape. Pythagoras believed that the number 6 was the first perfect number.

If you’re a symbol searcher like I am, you’ll immediately recognize how the number 6 is used to represent important principals contained within the hexagon. For example, Thomas Jefferson belonged to the very first secret society in America when he attended William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA, the Flat Hat Club, or so it was referred to at the time. He explained in a letter to a friend that the FHC had 6 members. Can we safely conclude that it was 6 members rather than 7 or 5 or 10 or any other number because of the powerful significance of the hexagon? Yes, I believe we can.


What I find intriguing is that there are architects, developers, and stone masons who built and carved the hexagon, and other geometric shapes, into many interesting structures in prominent US cities, yet have left no explanation. We’re left to discover and interpret on our own.


I was mystified to uncover a valuable find on Capitol Hill when I stumbled upon the hidden hexagon-shaped watering hole tucked behind an amazing array of flora. It’s nearly completely covered with fabulous plantings on multiple sides. The main entrance faces an unassuming, lightly traveled walkway near the west side of the Capitol. Once inside the Summerhouse Grotto, there’s a hidden mini paradise that’s very easy to miss if you’re talking with family and friends.  Each of these unique aspects of the bricked oasis seems to hint at the mysterious workings of a secret society. I’ve determined that the architect, Mr. Frederick Law Olmsted likely belonged to a secret society… the Freemasons perhaps?!


The Summerhouse Grotto opened to the American Public in the winter of 1881.

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