Another creepy California UAP sighting. The most unique aspect about this report is the way the spotter phrased the incident:

“Don’t care it happened… A craft came over us then it started raining lights um we got scared and ran to the car and sped away.” ~Hayfork, CA

A brief, simple statement like this quickly becomes an inkblot test. I wonder if those at the National UFO Reporting Center receive special psych training to a assist with evaluating UAP sighting reporters. The comment is so vague that interpretations can easily become too numerous to manage, and thus quickly forgotten.

The lack of punctuation makes it seem like it was submitted using a phone. Google images of Hayfork, CA show mountains, forests and wide open dry terrain. The spotter makes no mention of the environs.

Do NUFORC agents pull up Google images and try and guess the most likely terrain of a possible sighting when all the details are missing? When I did this, one of the top Google images is a space capsule on the property of Wiley’s supermarket in Hayfork. What’s with that? Are we supposed to presume that this is more likely a prank reporting because this far flung rural town has its own space capsule?

For me, the town’s space capsule definitely tips the scale and makes me believe this is a joke. But as soon as I deduce that, I’m reminded that that’s the way real spottings get overlooked, quickly jumping to conclusions because there are so few details.

Apparently, there’s very poor cell service in Hayfork. The town website describes it as a Northern Exposuretype of place, the 1990’s TV series set in Alaska. Population of 2,368, with a median income of $23,819. So yes, twelve days after the Area51 raid on September 20, 2019, I can picture a few dudes hanging out at Wileys, and reading on Twitter about the storming of an alien hotbed in Nevada, perhaps learning about NUFORC in the tweets, and deciding it would be fun to report a UFO… after all, the aliens might already have Hayfork, CA pinpointed on their screen from a previous visit and are returning to retrive their craft.

Does the NUFORC have a massive dotted map covering a wall so they can look for patterns? Do they offer public tours?

Meanwhile, because this occurred in rural Northern California near the coast, on a seemingly possible flight path that a Russian UAP might travel, an NUFORC agent might be required to give it a few seconds pause.

Ok, done. Stick a yellow pin on the map, (rather than a red). Let’s give these dudes high-fives for being part of the Area51 raid in their own way, and let’s thank them for revealing how important DETAILS are in filing a NUFORC report so an NUFORC agent has something to work with.

I’m now curious about why NUFORC seems to be late in reporting the latest round of sightings.

Uh-oh… 😳

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