This UAP sighting incident seems legit. So then what are these unexplained objects? According to an archived file at the National UFO Reporting Center, on Monday evening September 30, 2019, a well educated man (based on his vocabulary) stepped out of his
car at 9:10pm, and observed an “unusual” … “fiery orange” object  flying “north-west” across the sky over downtown Hartford, Connecticut which was soon followed by a second similar fiery orange object flying along the same path.

The gentleman was apparently so mystified by these very real UAPs that he searched to see if anyone noticed them. A man and a woman were in his view and the man could see that the couple was also eyeing the objects. So the man who filed the UAP report pulled out his phone and filmed the strange objects.

By the end, seven additional fiery orange objects followed the first two. The man who was standing nearby with the woman asked if they were balloons.  The gentleman who submitted the UAP sighting to NUFORC and filmed the objects, replied something along the lines of “maybe,” but his report made it seem like he personally didn’t believe they were balloons, “they seemed to gain ground on the previous orb.” Hmm, baffling.

The total event lasted approximately 3-5 minutes.

Bradley International Airport seems too far away to have this sighting be connected with possible small aircraft, or lights, that are often reported in the vicinity of airports.

The one thought that immediately sprung to my mind however, is Pratt & Whitney’s huge plant in East Hartford Connecticut. Pratt & Whitney is a major defense contractor. A quick Google search netted several interesting articles, one with the headline, “Pratt & Whitney prototyping shop…”

Pratt & Whitney’s year-old GatorWorks division is aiming to accelerate the design and construction of advanced aircraft and missile engines.

“Our scope is all of the new advanced program projects for all of Pratt military engines,” said David Stagney, who leads GatorWorks. “All the new products are coming out of our shop,” including new aircraft engines, upgrades to existing models, and superfast hypersonic engines, Stagney said in an interview on Wednesday.

“Pratt’s prototyping shop is just the latest effort by a defense company to shake up its corporate culture and meet the Pentagon’s demands for advanced technology, quicker.

“They really wanted us to think differently about the product and technology development processes,” Stagney said.”

Theoretically, much of Pratt & Whitney’s defense projects are manufactured and tested in Florida, or so the people working in East Hartford always say. However, a stream of great balls of orange fire across the sky at night seemingly above Pratt & Whitney does make one wonder.

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