While monitoring the many unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) sightings archived with NUFORC, it’s important to keep track of the geometric shapes — triangle, circle, square, rectangle — as well as the colors, which possibly convey meaning and may serve as a cipher.

Reading from the list each week, it’s intriguing to learn the various actions these UAP’s make. From hovering, and seemingly recording activity below, to quickly jetting off and disappearing from view. I’ve noticed, that very few of these UAP’s actually land, or perhaps I should state, land in a spot that the viewer can see.

So, yes! I was particularly fascinated by the sighting on October 3, 2019, in Mexico, MO, not too far from Columbia. Someone driving at 8:20 PM CT, spotted a circular UAP with bright flashing lights that “came out of nowhere and hovered” over the car before moving and landing in a nearby field. After a few minutes, the UAP returned to hover over the car, and then disappeared.

This sighting seemed really spooky to me for a full thirty minutes, until I researched US military bases in the area, and learned the famed 509th Bomb Wing (509 BW) of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, assigned to the Eighth Air Force of the Air Force Global Strike Command is located just 124 miles down the road at Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson County, MO. If the stealth flies 628 miles an hour, the flying distance is approximately 12 minutes away, depending on the speed the plane flies locally. And if this is a new stealth, so the speed is likely much faster.

The documented sighting didn’t include any comments about noise, so perhaps this is a major stealth feature — it’s silence. Should we hypothesize about whether the Air Force is testing an updated version of the stealth? The B-2 Spirit just celebrated it’s 30 year anniversary. Technology and innovation have certainly seen exponential advancement in three decades. Apparently there is a new stealth underway. I just Googled and found the following headline: “The US Air Force’s secretive new B-21 stealth bomber will take to the skies soon.”

So then, how exciting for the driver in Mexico, MO on October 3, 2019 to have the privilege of encountering what may have been a test flight of the new stealth B-21 Raider. The article states that little is known about this new aerial phenomenon, but I think we can safely speculate the B-21 can:

  • hover
  • is relatively silent
  • has bright flashing lights that can be turned on to dazzle a driver at night
  • can quickly move from hovering to landing in nearby field, back to hovering

This is every bit as exciting as it being a real UFO.

According to Business Insider, on July 24, 2019, the US Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen Stephen Wilson stated the B-21 Raider was approximately “‘863 days to first flight.'” Hmm, very interesting.

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