I’m more worried about space raider devices and gadgets than I am about the UAP spaceships. I realize it’s natural to fixate on the spaceship itself if it were to suddenly appear over our heads on a dark and forgotten trail one summer night. However, it seems that the more frightening threat might actually be the gadgets in their hands that we can’t see from afar. Gadgets that may immobilize us, or turn us into zombies, freezing our brain function. The possibilities are endless, I guess.

This type of hypothesizing has plagued me for years. After so much wondering and visualizing about the innovation possibilities, it finally dawned on me that one of the most important tech advances might be a lifespan extending formula. Back in 2013, it was revealed that within the next 20 years her on earth, so by 2033, our lifespan would extend all the way to 150 years. How crazy!

Having a longer lifespan will provide the necessary time to travel between planets. The nearest earth-like planet is four lightyears away. A significant distance. A rocketship launching in 2019, carrying humans, traveling at 20 times the speed of sound, would take 44,444 years to reach the other planet, so then 44,444 years to return, for a total of nearly 89,000 years. If we only had 70 years to live, 89,000 years is way too long of a journey. But, with 150 years to live, it may change everything. Clearly, the only viable solution is to significantly increase the speed of travel. Elon Musk is on it with SpaceX BFR, with hopes to fly anywhere in the world in under an hour.

I envision space raiders to look very similar to humans, with extended lifespans of close to 200 years, and with gadgets that can zap our brains, read our thoughts and freeze brain function as way to temporarily neutralize us, or kill us if they turned it up a few notches.

These are the kinds of theories that are always circulating through my mind when I visit the NUFORC to check out the latest sightings. So then, wasn’t I bug-eyed when I read that on Saturday night, September 21, 2019 at 11:13 PM in Gallipolis, Ohio, a husband and wife (law enforcement officer and scientist) were sitting outside their RV at a campsite and spotted a bright light overhead approaching above the treeline. It was circular, approximately 20 feet wide, flying erratically. As it drew near, it appeared to slow and stop a few times. When it came within 50 yards, the husband grew alarmed, and tried to draw his .45 caliber sidearm, but was unable to use his arm or lift the .45.


This additional information, is very atypical for a UAP sighting, but leans into my hypothesis that unexplainable phenomenon such as not being able to lift an arm, will be the more likely experience with a real UFO/UAP sighting. Very freaky… yet cool, and meets the expectations of what I foresee will be the capability of advanced technology from interplanetary devices.

So hopefully our US technology will be able to block some of the expected advancements of the space raiders.

Posted by:Our New Green Culture

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