This has been such a long wait.

Do we all wonder the same thing? Will we wake up one morning and see the news flash on our phones, announcing that an extraterrestrial will be interviewed on the Today show or Good Morning America?

I’ve been wondering this ever since 1982 actually, when Stephen Spielberg‘s ET was first released. I’m not sure why I automatically assume a UFO or UAP will land in America, versus Costa Rica or Chile or any other country on the globe for that matter. If you were commandeering a space ship, would you hone in on a bright light, or a vacant, mysteriously barren open stretch of desert? Perhaps it would depend on what the mission was. Invade and conquer, or more scientific… meet and investigate?

Is it Hollywood that makes us wonder whether they’ve already landed here before? There are many such conspiracies. How do we prove past arrivals?

I have to confess that I do believe in life on other planets being similar to ours and it’s only a matter of time before we do meet space visitors. I wonder if they’re able to tap into our minds? Do they have an innovative AI device they can use to read our thoughts and then appear to those of us who do believe? Imagine. Maybe I shouldn’t be a believer. I might become terrified that one will follow me. Will their advanced systems enable them to do cool magic tricks like appear out of nowhere and disappear the same way?

It’s so exciting to think about…

In the meantime, we have to all keep reading the NUFORC logs and analyze the sightings of specific shapes, such as triangles, appearing along our borders particularly. Look, here’s one:

May 29, 2019 |Carmichael, CA | 11:17:24 PM

  • Someone was a walking dog and noticed a “white triangle” blinking in the sky.
  • After a few minutes there were two, and then three blinking triangles
  • The speed of the blinks changed
  • The shapes changed to a small person
  • The colors changed to red and green
  • Object flying around in small area, then went up
  • Began flying in bizarre pattern
  • Object approached the dog walker who became spooked and ran inside
  • Returned with mom and phone to take photos
  • Red and green triangles again
  • Second object flying faster than first


The changing shapes and colors, and altering elevations and speeds, is eerily similar to an 1813 sighting in the sky along the Virginia coast, which apparently turned out to be the US military during the War of 1812 communicating covertly from a hot air balloon to troups on the ground.

Interestingly, Carmichael, CA is close to a military base, so the public will never knows for sure what this might have been. It’s just exciting that someone noticed it and reported the sighting through the NUFORC report a sighting link.

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