It seems that Washington state is the most ideal location to search the skies for UFOs and actually spot a legit UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon). With this in mind, how
awesome that the United States has such an exceptional National UFO Reporting Center. And that the public is aware of the NUFORC and that Americans call in regularly.

So far, this September 2019 there have been 257 calls  to the NUFORC, last updated on September 19, 2019. In August, there were 442, and in July, 582.

The calls that seem the most significant, in my opinion, are from those states on our borders, particularly Washington State and Maine. This because of the fleeting possibility that a seeming UAP might actually be an innovative new high-tech plane of a foreign enemy such as Russia. So, it’s very fortunate that so many Americans are searching the skies and calling in their sightings. (I’m thinking of the stories I read about World War II and how every town in the US during the war, residents would take turns watching the skies at night.

Simultaneously, I’m just speculating here (so don’t take any of this as gospel),  but it seems probable, that extraterrestrials will use geometric shapes in their spacecraft and lights, etc since math and geometry are written into the universe, and the universe is all life on all planets. I’m hypothesizing that this will be what we likely have in common with visitors from other planets and we should be mindful of things like triangles in the sky.

When I read the logs on the NUFORC sight, I look for shapes and numbers, but again, please don’t put too much weight in this.

So, yes…. a sighting in Washington state that includes a shape, especially a triangle, immediately jumps out at me.

I was bug-eyed to read that in the early morning of September 17, 2018 in North Bend, WA, a man drove his wife to work at 5:00 AM (wow, what a nice guy 😮), and on the way home spotted “silent triangle lights moving strangely around Mount Si.” He decided to “investigate” and followed the lights up “County Line road.” Again, the lights appeared to be the shape of a triangle (meaning there were three lights that formed a triangle), they moved, changed position, and altitude. At one point, one of the the three lights went out, leaving just two. The spotter followed the lights for 30 minutes until they disappeared from his view.


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