So… 2,500 years ago Pythagoras concluded that the earth was a sphere and shared this fascinating idea with a few colleagues. They laughed, and actually believed Pythagoras was crazy. So Pythagoras decided to form a secret society; this way he could continue with his math calculations and scientific theories and imagining how the ordered rules of nature supported all living things, making them so predictable, and reliable. In continuing his remarkable research with ancient tools 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras eventually began to use nature as a guide for what’s true. Philosophers during the Enlightenment referred to this order and clarity as natural law.

It’s easy to speculate that there must be dozens of secret societies that discuss, investigate and research aliens and UFOs, for the same reason that Pythagoras did. When you tell someone something that sounds bizarre or unbelievable – all because it’s outside their reality bubble, especially if you can’t display a photo, so they refuse to believe in what they can’t see – it becomes difficult to continue with the scientific method to find more proof. Witnesses become leery of sharing what they know. And believers won’t let it go; they believe the reliable science behind the unprovable because it makes logical sense, so they whisper behind closed doors: “Of course there’s life on other planets.” … “Of course it’s possible that they’re more advanced than we are and have been to our planet Earth.”

Once we hypothesize that this is likely, the next step is to try and research to uncover more evidence of other sightings, or even photos of alien-like images, and/or UFOs.

Remarkably, on July 31st 1813, Tavern Keeper Edward Hansford of Portsmouth, Virginia sent a letter to Thomas Jefferson at Monticello describing an “Atmospheric Phenomenon”:

From Edward Hansford and John L. Clarke
Portsmouth Va July 31st 1813.
most honorable Sir

We the subscribers most earnestly solicit, that your honor will give us your opinion, on the following extraordinary Phenomenon Viz:

At            hour on the night of the 25th instant, we saw in the South a Ball of fire full as large as the sun at Maridian which was frequently obscured within the space of ten minutes by a smoke emitted from its own body, but ultimately retained its briliancy, and form1 during that period, but with apparent agitation. It then assumed the form of a Turtle which also appeared to be much agitated and as frequently obscured by a similar smoke. It descended obliquely to the West, and raised again perpendicular to its original hight which was on or about 75 degrees. It then assumed the shape of a human skeleton which was frequently obscured by a like smoke and as frequently descended and ascended—It then assumed the form of a Scotch Highlander arrayed for battle and extremely agitated, and ultimately passed to the West and disappeared2 in its own smoke. we are honorable

Sir with Sentiments of very high respect & esteem Your most Obedient very humble Servts

Edward Hansford, Keeper of the Washington Tavern in the Town of Portsmouth Virginia—

John L. Clarke, of Baltimore

The Aliens appear to be communicating to Mr. Hansford and Mr. Clarke using symbols, objects they seem to have studied up close, which may indicate they were on the ground for awhile. Perhaps they observed some historic events like the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and/or the War of 1812.
  • Ball of fire as large as the sun, emitting smoke
  • Turtle, agitated, emitting smoke, descending to the West
  • Human Skeleton, frequently obscured by smoke, frequently ascending and descending…
  • Scotch Highlander (Warrior), extremely agitated, emitting smoke, passed to the West and disappeared

Doesn’t this seem like a coded message? Using symbols the Aliens knew these men would recognize? Very mysterious. I believe these men.

Surely there’s a trail to follow… who are Mr. Hansford’s heirs? This is the material that legends are made of.
… Stay Tuned!
OK so, … based on the international Aviation Timeline, and the use of hot air balloons in the early 1800’s, particularly by the British and French military, perhaps a counter explanation for this bizarre sighting would be the likelihood that the US military devised a way to communicate coded messages using a hot air balloon. It seems that every symbol that was being transmitted by the giant glowing ball (which is the same shape as an air balloon), could have been configured by an engineer. The smoke would have been fairly easy too. Agitation, relatively simple.
Portsmouth, VA was at the mouth of the James River and the spot where enemy ships could invade Virginia (Battle of Yorktown immediately comes to mind). I’m sure the military would want to keep their eyes on this point of vulnerability, especially since it was the height of the War of 1812. The British were fighting America and allies. “At sea, the powerful Royal Navy blockaded American ports, cutting off trade and allowing the British to raid the coast at will.” The British burnt Washington DC to the ground in 1814.
It makes sense that during these months of great uncertainty and potential peril, the U.S. military would float a balloon to keep an eye on one of our most important ports, especially if they’d received intelligence that the British were plotting.
I’m leaning in this direction. This makes sense. (Surely the answer to the question is locked away in the “Book of Secrets” we know is real, but will never see.)
As a retired President, Jefferson would have known a lot about ballooning. In fact, the first balloon flight took place in France 30 years prior in 1783, the year before Jefferson arrived as Minister of France. Benjamin Franklin was a witness to this amazing feat. Franklin would have shared his firsthand knowledge with Jefferson, after all the two belonged to the same masonic Lodge in Paris – Le Neuf Soeurs (the 9 Sisters/the 9 Muses). The French and British military was testing ballooning as a means for reconnoissance in the mid to late 1780’s.

No wonder Jefferson didn’t reply to Mr. Edward Hansford and Mr. John L. Clarke of Baltimore. It seems Jefferson already knew what this mesmerizing scene was all about.

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