As mentioned in the last post, the hexagon and the number six are the most significant shape and number in the universe. They’re considered cosmic. We’ll find the hexagon imbedded throughout nature, everywhere we look. Six is actually the first perfect number.

Thus, it’s seems significant that the number six is hiding in plain site inside and out of the Supreme Court. In fact, there’s not likely another location anywhere in the United States, perhaps even the world, that has more Pythagoras symbols than the United States Supreme Court. I hope these powerful images serve as constant reminders to each of the nine current Supreme Court justices.

These botanical images are similar to daily quotes used to inspire us humans to be our best selves when faced with tough challenges or complicated conflicts. It must be extremely difficult for nine imperfect humans to master the tangled nuances of weighing modern day struggles against a 230 year old Constitution. However, the bewildering phenomenon that botany, nature and geometry represent is that the rules that govern these three never change. They’re as true today as they were 2,500 years ago when Pythagoras first discovered these ancient secrets. In fact, they’ve been true since the beginning of time millions of years ago. So then yes, they will still apply to modern day life, all our justices have to do is properly interpret the use.


On the Supreme Court elevator door below, the number six repeats itself in each botanic layer. Flower petals, tree leaves, acorns, berries. Taking a closer look at the specifics will provide additional meaning.


Here are a few of the symbols that are easy to identify:

  • Oak Treesymbolizes strength, knowledge, and resistance. And according to Bios, the oak tree is a “cosmic storehouse of wisdom.”
  • Acorn – the seed of life. Will become the mighty oak. It symbolizes our potential and achievement, and the circle of life. It simultaneously represents humility. The implication is that our justices must be humble in their achievement, as well as self-disciplined and also exhibit significant self-control.
  • Chestnut Tree – The sweet chestnut tree can live 2,000 years. It represents honesty, reliability and following through from beginning to end.
  • Circle – eternity, timelessness, perfection.

Powerful images are impactful. One quick glance, conjures up a collection of profound sentiments and expectations. May our Supreme Court Justices feel their weight in the upcoming weeks and months.

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