Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. ~ Confucious

It’s intriguing to see symbols imbedded and carved into stone structures, walls, ancient highways and byways… so many unsuspecting locations around the world. Perhaps symbols were so important back then because it took a long time to learn a different language.

Symbols are typically universal. And many of the most powerful symbols come from nature and geometry: the sun, moon, stars, circle, triangle, square, right angle.

What’s fascinating it seems is that our reaction to a symbol –– often being perceived as an omen — appears to be innate, very much the same way that animals have an innate reaction to shapes and colors.

I don’t remember anyone ever teaching me how to interpret seeing an enormous harvest full moon at a critical moment. Is it an omen? How do we learn to believe that signs and symbols are omens? For example, I was in distress about having to make a life-altering decision. Do I choose the safe and proven yet boring path… OR… do I take the winding, unproven, wilderness trail? Dragging my feet, unable to make a decision (I guess because I didn’t want to choose the safe, boring path, yet I felt intimidated to turn toward the unknown). But suddenly, there it was. The giant full moon appearing in front of me, illuminating the dark night in a big way. Did I perceive the enormous full circle to mean something? Yes, of course. Did it alter my decision-making? Yes, it did. Did it force me to take a risk that I’d been worried about taking before the humongous full moon appeared? Yep.


Maybe humankind believed in symbols more back at the beginning of time, because it was all wilderness with no safe, paved paths. And there weren’t any modern inventions that we’ve grown to rely on for guidance and support. Symbols seem supernatural, thus wiser.

Since symbols enabled early humankind to achieve many bewildering accomplishments with very few resources, it may be beneficial to learn what happens if we can revert to these early methods on occasion and find out if they lead to new discoveries.

Be on the lookout for unassuming symbols on the roads of life up ahead. See if they speak to you!

Posted by:Our New Green Culture

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