Not too long after the end of World War II (8 May 1945), numerous UFO sightings began to emerge in America’s desert Southwest. According to CIA’s story archive page, the Air Force recorded a total of 12,618 “strange phenomena” between 1947 – 1969, 701 of which still remain “unidentified.”

On Friday 24 April 1964, a police officer in Socorro, New Mexico – Lonnie Zamora – had a highly unusual encounter with an unidentified flying object while out in the desert attempting to investigate what he thought was an accident. The evidence collected, after the UFO lifted and disappeared, is deemed “one of the best documented and most perplexing UFO reports,” according to Major Hector Quintanilla, the final chief officer of the Air Force’s top-secret UFO Investigation program, Project Blue Book.

Project Blue Book was an important program overseen by the United States Air Force out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base not too far from Dayton, Ohio where the Wright Brothers were raised. Project Blue Book was similar to a joint task force, and was made up of members from the Air Force, Army, FBI and CIA.

The CIA archives has detailed information about this particular sighting that went viral in the mass media in 1964. As is common, when a mind-boggling story receives exposure 24/7 for an extended period of time, skeptics surface and try to debunk the claim. Lonnie Zamora eventually grew to dread discussing UFOs and his sighting. Yet, it has inspired imaginations across the globe for many decades.

Interestingly, a new television series entitled Project Blue Book is debuting January 8, 2019. It looks amazing. Click here to see the trailer.

I personally do believe in UFOs and aliens, however I’m also aware that NASA and our military were testing spacecraft throughout the 1960’s. NASA was founded in 1958, when Russia and the  U.S. began a space race, each country vying to be the first to walk on the moon. (Neil Armstrong succeeded on 20 July 2 1969, but there were many years of testing prior to that.) The two timelines are parallel, UFO sightings and NASA testing, and both were in the same approximate location. | This being stated, the two big numbers provided in the first paragraph – 12,618 total sighting, 701 “unidentified” – seems to indicate that there were 701 events that were’t conducted by NASA or the military. So then were these real UFOs, or were these Russian spacecraft invading our airspace on a surveillance mission to see how for along we were? I’m not sure we’ll ever know the answer to that. In fact, it’s not knowing the answer that makes this mystery so sensational.

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