Ghosts are real. And this story is just another very tangible example. A spooky ghost that struck the Sunday between Christmas and New Years, and had a physical impact on me as if to prove it was legit.

Maybe ghosts feel frustrated that so many people don’t believe they’re real. Maybe they want to prove it just as much as we do.

My cousin was getting married at the Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC. She wanted a bigger wedding, during the holiday season at a top venue, so decided on a Sunday when the price would be substantially reduced.

It was after midnight Saturday night, so early Sunday morning, and I was sound asleep. I was suddenly awaken by intense shivers that were causing my teeth to chatter. The room was pitch black, although a tiny sliver of street light had slipped through a thin separation in the curtains, so I could get my bearings. I was so cold, it was painful. I yanked the blankets tightly around myself, to no avail. I jumped out of bed and turned up the heat five degrees. But when the air came on, the room became colder, rather than warmer. Bizarre. I jumped out of bed again and turned up the heat further. But the room became colder still. I leaped out of bed and grabbed my heavy sweathshirt, pulling it on quickly. I also nabbed an extra blanket, and jumped back into bed. Nothing. The room was still bitter cold. I was wrapped tightly in five layers of thick insulation.  There was nothing more I could do, except call downstairs and ask to change rooms. No, sorry.

I lay there, trying to figure out another solution, eventually feeling a tad bit warmer thanks to my sweatshirt, although the air temperature still felt cold enough to inflict hypothermia. But more than that, I had weird bone shivers, the kind associated with ghosts. I began to focus on this, finally acknowledging that there had to be a ghost in the room. That would explain everything. As soon as this became my dominant thought, that there was indeed a ghost in the room with me, the ghost appeared to answer my question, by floating away and leaving me be. Within seconds, the room heated up, and just a few minutes more, I was roasting hot.

Later that night, Sunday night during the wedding reception, when family members seemed open to the concept of the supernatural ā€” after several glasses of champagne ā€” I whispered my ghost story to my cousin. She exclaimed, “Of course it was a ghost. This is a haunted hotel. Go tell the front desk.”

I was obviously still spooked. I had to get back in that bed in a few hours. I would definitely let someone at the front desk know and see what they might be able to do.

“What’s your room number,” said the Front Desk Manager.

I provided the number.

She raised an eyebrow and nodded. “Why don’t you sit in that chair, and the concierge will join you and take your notes.” She pointed to the concierge desk.

This haunted me all the more. They seemed familiar with guests reporting ghost visits, and even had a procedure to manage the tales.

When I outlined the room growing colder instead of warmer after turning up the heat, the concierge explained that my story was consistent with the others. Air and water temperatures being the opposite of what they were supposed to be.

So there we have it. Anecdotal proof that ghosts are real, and that ghosts want people to know they’re real.

Good Luck out there! šŸ‘»

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