Seriously, this isn’t a joke. There are almost daily strange, spooky sightings somewhere in America. If a family on one side of the street sees the unusual bright, flashing light appear above their house, surely someone else on the block will see something similar. So, all must call it in to the National UFO Reporting Center. Period. Having multiple callers report the same event gives UFO hunters that much more to work with.

We need to finally interact directly with some of these space travelers. Imperative.

UFO Reporting Direct Line: 206-722-3000

The recent sighting of a very credible engineer in the aviation industry in Ohio is one the likes of which I’ve never heard of before:

  • Monday July 15, 2019 @ 8:25 PM
  • An object that  seemed like a portal to the universe appeared above his yard while he was moving his garden hose
  • “black hole in space, infinitely deep”
  • similar to “twisted trapezoid sheet opening up”
  • it hung there in the air 15-18 feet away for a brief moment
  • then moved away to the right at a high rate of speed
  • it caused optical distortion, wavy lines
  • sparkles of light on lower right side, similar to star only bluer

The engineer was of sound mind, has a reputable career… there is nothing to dispute about what he saw.

How mysterious. A zillion questions immediately spring to mind. It seems highly probable someone else has seen this but sadly they never called it in.

We all  must proceed through life with our eyes wide open and know to call NUFORC ASAP whenever we see anything atypical in the sky. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s only a matter of time before one of us interacts one on one with a mysterious visitor.

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