The National UFO Reporting Center is a very valuable resource, especially as we enter this new era of life in our vast, mysterious universe.

ST-Saga-CovFrnt-72dpi-300We all seem to know instinctively that there is indeed life on other planets out there somewhere. Our instincts are backed by science and logic which further reinforces these beliefs.

Of course we’d like to believe that the human species on earth is the most intelligent in the universe, and yet in reality this is probably not the case. Thus, an alien species will most likely find us before we find them.

Uh oh 😳…

So let’s all keep our eyes on the skies and report anything mysterious we may see, especially in areas that have strict drone and fly rules like NYC.

Here are the top 5 spooky sightings in metro NYC during the summer of 2019:

  • UFO appeared over Hudson River and Upper West Side of Manhattan (Tuesday 8/20/2019 03:00)
  • Star bright/white dots – over Brooklyn Prospect Park (Thursday 8/15/2019 019:00/7:00 pm)
  • Very large shape changing gold gold metallic object over Flushing Queens (Sunday 8/4/2019 016:00/4:00 pm)
  • UFO changed colors while moving around – Astoria, Queens (Wednesday 7/31/2019 020:15/8:15 pm)
  • Mysterious hovering craft in the New York City night time sky (Thursday 7/25/2019 023:20/11:20 pm)

Stay alert! If you see something, say something….


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