The conclusive identification of UFOs has proven elusive over the past 70 years, mostly because of the secret testing our own military is involved with. It makes sense for the DOD to covertly develop and advance our stealth defense systems. Supersonic jets have to be examined and scrutinized outdoors across vast amounts of open sky. Our arch enemies want to destroy us. We certainly don’t want that, so it’s a huge benefit for America’s well-being that the United States military uses it’s UFO MO to get out ahead of our enemies.

With this in mind, it’s exciting to catch a glimpse of an unknown flying object. We can immediately work through the Scientific Method with such an observation and hopefully reach a hypothesis. Now that we know that many of the observations in the past (late 1940’s – 1970) have been our own military, and NASA, this can now be the first question we ask upon making the observation.

So the Scientific Method would proceed something like this:

  • MAKE AN OBSERVATION: An unrecognizable flying object. Maybe it’s flying lower than a plane. Perhaps it’s a different shape, a very odd shape. It hovers. It zips off in all directions unlike planes or helicopters. It’s lighting fast. It disappears quickly. We immediately recognize this as extremely unusual, never seen before.
  • ASK A QUESTION: Instinctively, we might ask, “Is this a UFO?” That would be very normal, because it does appear out of this world. But perhaps in 2019, a better first question would be, “Is the military testing new state of the art hypersonic devises or aircraft or drones in my state, over my town?” (I hope so, is what many might feel.) And if we want to get sinister, we could ask, “Is Russia or China testing hypersonic equipment that can evade our satellites and drones?” Depending on the question asked, will determine the hypothesis formulated.
  • HYPOTHESIS: (1) A UFO from another planet flew over my town and US satellites weren’t able to pick it up OR the military is keeping everything secret. (2) The military is testing next generation defense systems that appear to be transformative and game-changing. (3) Russia’s next generation space force is so advanced, it can fly over my town without US satellites knowing about it. Since hypotheses 1 & 3 are very weak, it’s probably best to test Hypothesis 2.
  • TEST HYPOTHESIS: This is a difficult hypothesis to test since all the information is likely classified, and the only proof we have is our own sighting. So perhaps the only way to see if our hypothesizes correct, is to research the history of UFO sightings from the 1940’s – 1970, and find a pattern. What did the UFO sightings in  the 1940′ and 50’s look like? How about the early 1960’s? Did any eventually match the Apollo rocket? If we establish through research that the majority of the UFO sightings were our own future planes, jets, rockets, and drones, we have a more precise way of verifying a true Unidentified Flying Object. This being said, we actually should be on the lookout for enemy aircraft, rockets and drones. That’s what all Americans a home did during World War II. Towns designated certain lookout spots (in my hometown it was the corner Barber Shop), and townspeople volunteered to sit on the roof and watch for planes during certain shifts pf the day.
  • FORM A CONCLUSION: Yes, the US military tests advanced defense systems in secret, that we’re prone to identify as UFOs (because we don’t have any knowledge of military secrets). Additionally, yes our foreign enemies do the same thing. Thirdly, yes there is life on other planets trying to find our planet, the same way we’re trying to find and reach there’s.

Happy hunting! Let’s be on the lookout for low flying object like drones and see how many important details we can capture with our phones. Sounds are as important as optics.

The process of investigating UFO sightings.

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