Stumbling upon yet another set of historic symbols in the weathered wall tiles of an old building on King Street in the historic section of Alexandria, VA, fills the mind with ST-Saga-CovFrnt-72dpi-300
questions. It’s maddening that it’s nearly impossible to find the answers to the questions, though. One’s left interpreting on own, and hypothesizing about how to confirm interpretations.

This is the twisted mind game we can all play once lured into the secret symbol labyrinth in the historic cities along the U.S. East Coast. Have we all seen National Treasure, and learned about the endless clues? Spotting these symbols and interpreting the meaning is exactly like National Treasure. Will there be treasure at some point? It seems as though the real treasure is found when we apply the meaning of the symbol to our lives. Everything changes for the better oddly enough, although better doesn’t necessarily mean easier, but rather happier and more rewarding and more successful. But again, don’t expect easy.

What’s most peculiar in my opinion, is that when we see these mysterious symbols on the Supreme Court, SDNY, DOJ, or the grounds of US Capitol, they make sense. And we can quickly decipher the symbolic meaning to that of the responsibilities owed to the American public. Where it gets tricky, and far more mysterious,  is when the building in question is random and ordinary. Then interpreting becomes more like an ink blot test.

The building in Alexandria where these tiles were found is very humble, at least in comparison to the mansions of Alexandria. Old, nondescript, off by itself, yet spotting these familiar symbols in the tiles made me jump. They were arresting. I immediately stopped in my tracks and snapped photos. The building seems to be marked. It reminded me of the ancient mason marks. I hadn’t passed any other building with these markings. I must return and investigate. Who lived here? What’s the building’s history? The Masonic temple up on the hill is within eyesight. Was the original owner a Freemason?

The tile below is very similar to the Supreme Court flower symbols, although this one has repeating 8 petals rather than 6. Possible interpretation?

  • 8 is the symbol for infinity when turned sideways
  • it also symbolizes balance
  • balance between material and immaterial (spiritual)
  • and abundance, wealth, success
  • much more!
  • Does it matter if w all interpret it differently?

The tiles at the top have the numbers 8 and 12.

  • 12 is considered a cosmic number
  • the number of governing the cosmos… whoa!
  • who was this person?
  • and more!


Alexandria, VA is very historic. Founded in 1695, it was an important port back in the 1700’s and sadly became the epicenter of the slave trade. Many famous people lived in Alexandria across the centuries. My imagination is now going wild about this peculiar house. I can’t wait to investigate.

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