“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” ~Confucius, 551 B.C – 479 B.C.

Once these symbols become ingrained in your mind, you might find the same focused observation who traveling or sight seeing. You spot the possible symbol on a random building, and become intrigued by the mystery and likely important story that lies buried beneath the surface, perhaps in a vault in or near the cornerstone of the building.

Typically, the cornerstone of a structure is very important and symbolic to secret society members, particularly Freemasons and perhaps Illuminate (although some believe these are one and the same).

Questions might rush through your mind:

  • Who was the architect?
  • Who is he/she speaking to?
  • Did someone direct the architect to include these symbols?
  • Is the symbolic message for the observant, and we’re supposed to keep it a secret unless someone asks a question about it?

That’s what I’ve noticed anyway. One might share the information with others, only to find most are skeptics and don’t believe it. After endless research, I’ve finally determined, these messages are the wisdom from past leaders who cared a lot about the future generations. A message carved in stone ensures that we understand how vitally important the truth contained in the wise advice actually is. It’s likely been passed down for millenniums.


This particular symbol to the left, is VERY important. It’s also found at the Supreme Court. Do you recognize what it is and it’s meaning?

Because this symbol is so lofty, and this building was totally random in a peculiar part of NYC, near the revitalized Hudson Yards, yet it’s an older building being renovated, I’m now mystified and have to return to investigate. This image has two valuable symbols. And although symbols are weighty, there are also numbers associated with them which contain further meaning.


All these stone symbols are located on the building’s frieze. They date back 2,500 years and are generally only seen on the most important buildings in our historic capital cities.

So then, why this building? Very intriguing.

I can’t wait to find out. ~

Posted by:Our New Green Culture

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