I’ve shared several ghost stories that seem to prove irrefutably that ghosts are real, so here’s yet another one. I truly hope that more scientists will study stories like these so we can form a set of facts that the public can trust and apply to similar encounters. This will increase the amount of anecdotal evidence that will likely lead us to many new discoveries.

Look at where the door to mathematics led after the validity of the first equations were established.

I’ve been hypothesizing for years that there’s something about trees and nature that spirits gravitate toward, that perhaps this is the reason nature seems so alive (and it is alive, of course) and brings so much comfort and solace.


It was an abnormally hot June day in Simsbury, Connecticut. I was in the midst of relocating and had rented a uHaul to move everything into storage for the summer. As I began unloading boxes into the storage unit, chugging ice cold water because of the intense heat, which quickly turned into sweat because of the thick humidity, I was suddenly gripped by a bout of ice cold shivers. It felt bizarre, so unexplainable, making it difficult to wrap my mind around. I stepped into the hot sunshine to warm up, but my teeth began to chatter. I was bitter cold. After several seconds, I determined that this could only be one thing. It was the trademark phenomenon of a ghost’s presence.

I ran to the office. “Is this land haunted? Did someone die here?”

The woman behind the counter replied, “Oh, didn’t you know? Yes, of course. This is the sight of what’s considered the first 911 call. A train crossing the river behind the storage units back in 1878, derailed and three passenger cars fell into the icy water. Thirteen people died, 33 were injured. The bodies were all brought to lay in wait for the coroner and medical workers where the storage units are today. Lots of tenants talk about having ghost experiences. I get spooked when I’m closing. I’ve seen shadows following me as I lock up.”~

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