It all began during the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC last April, 2019.


I became extra curious about the symbolic images, mostly botanical, on many of our federal buildings. They’re rampant across Capitol Hill, inside and out of each building, as well as across the Capitol grounds.

I had to learn more. I schlepped inside the Library of Congress Reading Room to find a book that would help me decode. Surprisingly, nothing was an exact match.

The mystery intensified when I stumbled across a unique symbol on the main door of the Department of Justice. What could it be? I even asked friends to help decipher. “Is it a maze?” I hypothesized.

No responses. I spotted it over the side entrance at Longworth House Office Building. It’s inside the Senate carved in stone above the Majority Leader’s desk. It’s even lining the massive exterior walls of SDNY in Lower Manhattan.

No one had any information. I finally had to let it go.

But, when I was visiting the The Met in NYC last weekend, trekking through the Greek and Roman Art wing, I nearly screamed when I spotted the mysterious symbol along the base of the ancient vases dating back to 400 BC.


It’s referred to as the Sacred Spiral, and is considered one of the oldest symbols known to humankind, dating all the way back to cavemen. It signifies that all knowledge comes from experience. It represents our life journey. The spiral is seen throughout nature, which reinforces it’s meaning.

Along our individual life spirals, we either ascend or descend depending on our choices. Actually, a certain percent in society don’t do either. They remain glued to the current spot they find themselves. Perhaps this happens when it’s a stable and decent position, and going further — higher —  is either too much work or to risky.~

“All knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends with it.” ~Albert Einstein

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