Are there good luck signs all around us in the environment and we just need to be observant to find them? It’s interesting that believing in good luck symbols seems to be universal for all ages and all cultures, and randomly stumbling across one seems extra fortunate.

How about bad luck symbols? Is anyone so superstitious that when they see coins on the ground lying face down, they don’t pick them up? I’m that way even inside my home. And I realize that it’s tails up pennies (versus any other coins) that are supposedly bad luck, but I leave all types lying face down, just in case.

Apparently this superstition stems from the fact that finding a penny face up is good luck, so one face down is the opposite.

Since I’m so unlucky, I sometimes wonder if crossing paths with a black cat or walking under a ladder is actually good luck for me, two negatives equal a positive, although I’m not courageous enough to try, so I’ll never know.

I first began wondering about random good luck signs when certain license plates appeared from out of nowhere that matched what I was thinking at that very moment. It’s as if, telepathy is real. For example, I was listening to a song while driving the other day, thinking about what a great beat it had, on a piano no less, when the very next car I saw had the license plate: PIAN5T. It made me laugh. Obviously a random flukey connection that’s just a coincidence… or is it?

Will we ever discover the science behind the invisible field that animals connect with other animals using, and animals connect with humans? Is telepathy real? Animal instincts are very intriguing.

There’s a fox in the forest where I run that waits for me on the trail. It’s a friendly fox. It sits in the middle of the trail next to the same tree, and just when I reach a particular nearby tree, it darts into the woods and lets me pass without worry. It seems to know I’m approaching from hundreds of yards away. I’d love to know more about whether humans can do the same thing. It seems like we can, we just don’t know it.

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